LOLOL: Guy's Door Frame Pull-Up Bar Fails Him Hard While Showing Off

April 10, 2020


In the only quarantine home workout video you need to watch news, this is a short clip of a guy showing off with some pull-up claps during home quarantine when his door frame pull-up bar decides it wants no part in this dog and pony show and tries to break his back. It takes him a solid 30 seconds to get up off the floor. Also, I don't like how he censored himself cursing -- I would have left that in but that's just me and I'm a director with a vision. You know I had that exact same pull-up bar at my old apartment and it totally scuffed up and dented the door frame and wall above the door. So you know what I did? "Set the building on fire so you could still get your full security deposit back." I had no choice!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Carmen, who agrees that is almost certainly gonna leave a mark.

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