I've Been On The Edge Of My Seat: Winners Announced In Yukon's Annual Frozen Hair Contest

April 2, 2020


These are five photos of the winners from the Yukon, Canada based Takhini Hot Pool's annual (since 2011) frozen hair competition, out of 288 competitors (each winner received $2,000 Canadian and a year pass to the springs. Some more info about the process while I duct tape over the A/C vent above my desk so my nips don't cut through my shirt:

To enter, you need to visit Takhini Hot Pools between December and March, on a day when the temperature is below -20°C (-4°F) -- certainly not rare in those parts.

There are few steps involved in achieving the perfect look. First, dip your head in the hot springs and wet your hair completely. (Freezing your hair won't damage it, they promise.)
Then, allow the cold air to slowly freeze your hair.

Staff advise visitors to keep their ears warm by periodically dipping them into the hot water. And you're going to have to be patient -- all that wet hair will eventually freeze -- eyebrows and eyelashes included.

Finally, once you're happy with your style, ring the bell near the pool entrance and staff will come take the photo.

Above are the Nogshim's People Choice award recipients (voted on by the public), but after the jump are best male, best female, best group, and most creative winners, in that order. Which is your favorite? Personally, they all make me a little uneasy because they remind me of the night I spent with that ice witch. "You get frostbitten?" Frostchewed. "Yikes." Now I have to buy warm Bud Light because walk-in beer coolers give me anxiety.

Keep going for the rest.





Thanks to my dad, who agrees nothing beats a classic Colonel Sanders beard made out of bubble bath bubbles.

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