It's A...Early Trip To The Hospital!: Gender Reveal Gone Wrong

April 22, 2020

This is a short gender reveal video of some jabroni with a baseball bat and the mother-to-be standing entirely too close to a slugger like Mark McGuire here, apparently anxious to reveal that she's got a headache now. The family seems excited that it's a boy though. Also, you have to admire the courage it took the friend or family member who filmed this video to post it to the internet for everybody to see. It's called God's work, and it's nice to see some people besides me still believe in doing it.

Keep going for the video with a higher frame rate, and audio while I speculate why he seems less concerned with his wife's head than double-checking if his pop fly to the doghouse cleared the neighbor's fence.

Thanks to Caroline J, who agrees their kid will surely bat a few balls into this guy's nuts before it's all over.

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