I'm Free!: Boat Makes A Run For The Water Without Truck

April 15, 2020

This is a video from a campground in Oklahoma of a man whose effort to get his boat in the water does not go according to plan. I mean unless this was his plan, in which case I would have gone with God's. Some insight from the person filming:

"While camping at a state park in Oklahoma, we witnessed a man trying to put his boat in the water. He had gone the wrong way, tried to turn around, and got his truck stuck. He then chaulked the trailer, unhooked the truck, and got the truck unstuck. He was trying to put the trailer back on when he pushed the trailer and it came loose. That is where the video starts with him trying to slow the boat down. He was flabbergasted and belligerent the whole time."

Haha, "flabbergasted and belligerent the whole time." Welcome to my life. I can't even remember the last time I wasn't flabbergasted and belligerent, but it definitely wasn't 2020, I can tell you that.

Keep going for the full video with plenty of build-up.

Thanks to Clint, who always seems to send me these outdoorsy sort of videos and, at least in my mind, is wearing a camouflage baseball cap right now and tying fly lures.

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