Hedgehog Attemps Multiple Obstacle Courses In 'American Hedgehog Warrior, Quarantine Edition'

April 27, 2020

Because everybody spends their quarantine differently (but mostly binge watching television and overeating), these are four videos of very precious Pepper the hedgehog competing in different American Hedgehog Warrior obstacle courses to stay in shape and stave off the insanity that's inherent with extended at-home quarantine. Her performances are impressive. Maybe not as good as I could have done, but I could stomp through that course like Godzilla through Tokyo. "Yeah...they're made for a hedgehog." Irrelevant. You know, I always used to get hedgehogs and porcupines confused when I was younger because, looking back now, I realize I'm stupid.

Keep going for the videos from most recent to earliest while I speculate if Sonic was disqualified for doping.

Thanks to MSA, who offered to set up an obstacle course for me, which I declined in favor of Animal Crossing.

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