Good Lord: Stormchaser Films Tornado Ripping Roof Off Warehouse Up Close And Personal

April 23, 2020

This is a video from stormchaser Pecos Hank (great name, for a stormchaser or a cowboy) filming a tornado in Madill, Oklahoma as it crosses a street and begins ripping the roof off a warehouse. Damn that's terrifying. Tornados: I don't mess with them. I remember growing up in Alabama we'd have them when I was in early middle school and I'd just cry and beg the teacher/principal to let me call my mom so she could come get me and they'd tell me that wasn't possible right now and I'd ask what if I pooped my pants -- wouldn't she have to bring me a new pair then? They'd say no, she's already left several pairs in the main office and I'd just throw up my arms and tell them well, we're gonna need them all today.

Keep going for the video (complete with tornado rainbow, tornadbow), while I make a note to talk to my therapist about tornados during our next Zoom session.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees at what point does stormchasing become less about gathering useful scientific data and more about getting a danger boner?

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