Going For The Titanium: Crushing Different Metals With A 150-Ton Hydraulic Press To See Which Holds Up The Strongest

April 8, 2020


This is a video from The Hydraulic Press Channel of the fun-loving couple crushing 1-inch square cubes of as-pure-as-possible aluminum, copper, iron, tin, and titanium to determine which can withstand the pressure the best. The results won't surprise you, and in fact the titanium is so tough it actually dents the steel alloy baseplate it's resting on as it's being crushed. That's pretty tough. Maybe not as tough as my muscles, but if I put my bicep under that press and flexed they'd have to buy themselves an all new 150-ton hydraulic press! "Or just clean the blood and bone chips off the existing one." Sure, sure, or that.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to blue16, who agrees this whole self-quarantine thing wouldn't be nearly as difficult if we all owned hydraulic presses.

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