F-15 Fighter Jet Performing A Near-Vertical 'Viking Takeoff'

April 22, 2020

Note: Watch your volume, jet engines.

This is a video of the latest and most advanced production model F-15E Strike Eagle (the F-15QA, presumably for Question and Answer and not because it was manufactured for Qatar) performing a near-vertical 'Viking Takeoff' during its first test flight from St. Louis's Lambert International Airport. Why is it called a viking takeoff? I don't know, and I even tried doing research. "You made one Google search and spelled 'viking', 'vibing'." If there was something out there it would have turned up.

Keep going for the highway to the danger zone while I imagine pulling those G's and passing out so hard I sleep like Rip Van Winkle.

Thanks to Josh J, who agrees the highway to the danger zone isn't the safest road, but it will always be the fastest.

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