Crashing And Burning: Compilation Video Of Over 250 R/C Plane Crashes

April 24, 2020

This is a 33-minute compilation video of over 250 R/C plane crashes all recorded by Youtuber xjet over the course of the past ten years. Man, that is a lot of crashing and burning for one person to witness in real life. I mean I've seen way more first person POV style, but I was not the lady's man you might think when I was in college. So what was your favorite? My was 158. "But they aren't numbered." I know, but I have a numerographic memory. "Huh?" Okay okay -- you ever seen Sesame Street? Count von Count bit me when I was four.

Keep going for way more than your RDA of crashing and burning.

Thanks to Chris W, who agrees at least those people have hobbies.

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