Bath Time, A Very Clever LEGO Automaton Of A Man Bathing

April 13, 2020

This is Bath Time, a LEGO automaton built by TonyFlow76 and up for support on the LEGO Ideas website. When cranked (by hand or motor), the man appears to scrub his back with a brush, raise and lower his head, and water "pours" from the faucets while waves splash in the tub. I absolutely love the ingenuity of people who build things like this. I mean granted, it should be a sexy lady and the water should be all sudsy and not look like chewed bubble gum, but that's just me and I'm having serious trouble conjuring a boner in these dark times. *whispering* Not even my homemade erection pills are doing the trick. "Aren't they mostly just dried toothpaste?" YOU WORK WITH WHAT YOU'VE GOT.

Keep going for the full video, including how the model works.

Thanks to Stan, who agrees some people are so clever. I mean not not me or anyone I know personally, but other people.

LEGO Automaton Of A Bat Flapping Its Wings

This is a fruit bat (aka megabat, aka flying fox) automaton built out of LEGO by Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks. The engineering really is quite remarkable...
March 6, 2017
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