Awww: Sloth Goes On Tour Of Aquarium While It's Closed, Hangs With Dolphins

April 10, 2020


These are several photos and a video of Chico the Linneaus's two-toed sloth hanging out with dolphins Liko and Schooner and taking a VIP tour of the Texas Aquarium while the facility is closed to human visitors. From the look of those dolphins I'm guessing Liko and Schooner had never seen a sloth before, and were excited about it. And from the look of Chico falling asleep I'm guessing the feeling wasn't mutual. You know, sloths are kinda like the me of the animal world. "Except they only poop once a week." Okay that is not like me at all. "And lose as much as a third of their body weight when they do." Same, the next time I go today I'll actually weigh negative.

Keep going for several more shots of the dolphin encounter, and the VIP tour video while I wish I was a sloth and not just the deadly sin variety.






Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees it's hard to believe Disney hasn't made an 8-hour animated feature about a sloth's journey climbing down a tree and up another one.

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