Awww: Red Fox Steals Recording Phone And Runs With It While Caretaker Gives Chase

April 7, 2020

This is a video from Mikayla from SaveAFox Rescue trying to set up her phone to record herself performing some outdoor yoga when Dixiedo the red fox steals her phone and runs with it, quickly trying to bury it before Mikayla catches up. The sounds that little Dixiedo makes, my gosh -- too cute to compute. BZZZZZ BRRRR1101100001101 UNKN0WN ERR0R. Get it? "You crashed." Haha, yep, now I need you to get here before the cops and pretend you were driving because I don't have a license.

Keep going for the full video in two different forms.

Thanks to Christina D and hairless, who agrees when animals steal your phone it's cute, when another person does it they deserve to die.

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