Awww: A Mini Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder

April 2, 2020


This is the mini picnic table squirrel feeder made and sold by Rick Kalinowski of Etsy shop SquirrellyTreasureCo. You can either purchase an assembled table ($25), kit ($15), or pattern ($7), and you'll be posting blurry squirrel pics to Facebook and Instagram before you know it. Admittedly, a quick Google search suggests Rick may not have been the first person to build a squirrel picnic tables, but he has monetized the idea. Personally, I built a squirrel feeder with a pentagram on the floor and a plastic toy goat laying in the middle of it like the squirrel's performing some sort of occult ritual, but that's just me and I like to remind the neighbors who they're living next to.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video of a squirrel enjoying its picnic.


Thanks to MSA, who agrees the novelty squirrel feeding possibilities are practically limitless.

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