Amazing: Guys Create Incredible Real Life RPG Game To Make Up For Friend's Cancelled Bachelor Party

April 22, 2020

In absolutely just watch it news, this is a video from the folks at Realm Pictures (of people in Chatroulette controlling first person shooters via voice commands and people playing live action Hitman fame), who created a real life RPG game for their buddy whose stag (bachelor) party was cancelled due to the coronavirus quarantine. I'm not sure if you remember their other videos (which are worth a watch if you don't remember them, and even if you do), but the results are incredible. Such high production value. It sucks I don't have talented friends who love me and want to make my bachelor party a lifelong memory. "Or a girlfriend foolish enough to marry you." Hey I have a plan. "Does it involve a witch in the swamp brewing a love potion?" Hey I have a backup plan too. "Does it involve the same witch but a spell this time?" You're a jerk!

Keep going for the very worthwhile video.

Thanks to Ryan WL, speakerbox, and Adam L, who agree now that is world's better than I night of getting black out drunk and penises drawn on your face.

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