A Retail Computer Case Made From A Car Wheel

April 9, 2020

This is a video of Gamers Nexus editor-in-chief Steve Burke reviewing the Barrowch Speed car wheel computer case from AliExpress, an actual car wheel that's been fitted with a frame for holding computer components and finished with tempered glass. Some basic info about the case while I build the world's most powerful gaming PC in a tractor wheel and spend the rest of my days playing Farming Simulator:

The Barrowch (Barrow) Speed is a repurposed, actual car wheel that's been modded into a gaming PC case, except it's actually being sold to the wider market. The wheel is rated for 690kg, so we think it's probably fine to house our gaming computer. This thing is advertised as being for either air cooling or liquid cooling, but we'd have to firmly disagree that the wheel is any good as an air cooled case, and we also have some disputes about the level of support for open loop. This has very specific hardware it can fit, and even that's pretty tough to work with. People have been modding car wheels into computer cases for a long time, but this one is actually available retail pre-fabricated and ready for use. Today, we're reviewing and benchmarking the Barrowch Speed wheel.

Basically, they weren't very impressed and are convinced a case modder could build their own, better version without too much trouble. Which, coincidentally, is pretty much how I feel about every product on the market. Whenever my girlfriend tells me she wants to order something online I tell her to not bother, I could make a better version myself. Then she goes upstairs and quietly packs another piece of clothing in her suitcase.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees that thing is gonna need way more MIPS.

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