A Compilation Of Unbelievably Realistic Food Cakes Getting Sliced

April 13, 2020

This is a compilation video created by Natalie Sideserf of Houston, Texas based Sideserf Cake Studio of her hyperrealistic food cakes getting sliced. If this sounds familiar, you may recall the individual postings of her Detroit style pizza, Taco Bell taco, and onion cakes. My God, I still have fantasies about that taco cake. This video includes, with timestamps for reference:

0:05 Eggplant Cake

0:10 Filet-O-Fish Cake
0:16 Lego Cake
0:20 Lemon Cake
0:24 Onion Cake
0:31 Oyster Cake
0:37 Peach Cake
0:46 Green Pepper Cake
0:52 Mac & Cheese Cake
1:00 Pumpkin Cake
1:04 Romaine Lettuce Cake
1:15 Detroit Style Pizza Cake
1:24 Taco Bell Cake

If you're interested in a particular cake, you can follow the links included on the video's Youtube page to see how-to videos for each individually. Now that is some talent. Or -- OR -- is it a superpower?

Keep going for the full video.

Thanks to LB, who agrees there's no way there can't be some sort of magic fairy dust in that cake recipe.

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