You Stole My Bounce!: Dropping A Car On A Giant, Industrial Trampoline From 150 Feet

March 3, 2020

This is a video of ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober teaming up with the Australians behind Youtube channel How Ridiculous to build a trampoline (weighing two tons, made out of Kevlar and 144 garage door springs) strong enough to bounce a car off of when dropped from 150 feet. There's also another video of them dropping bowling bowls and a boat and some other stuff onto it, but I thought the car was the real tour de force. And not just because we've all dreamed of doing this, but *slapping side of crash helmet* I did call shotgun.

Keep going for the videos, car drop begins at 11:30 in the first one.

Thanks to Mav, Tyler N, and hairless, who agree do an elevator full of crash test dummies next -- and one that jumps at the last second.

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