Yikes: BASE Jumper Has Parachute Mishap, Smacks And Flips Down Cliff Into River

March 27, 2020

This is the helmetcam footage from a BASE jumper in Switzerland whose "canopy opened facing the cliff and I got twisted under the canopy on opening. Had no time to react, hit the cliff and made my way down along the cliff for about 80-90 meters and came to rest in a shallow river. Did not break any bones, got away with contusions and bruises." Well that's a relief. So is a canopy opening facing the cliff considered user error or what? Did he pack the parachute backwards? I don't know anything about this stuff because I prefer my feet on the ground and penis spinning like a prize wheel at the fair. Also, if somebody could please add the audio of this guy's painful grunts from 0:16 - 0:32 as he's falling down the cliff into a round of Street Fighter that would be fantastic.

Keep going for the full video.

Thanks to DT, who agrees sometimes you just have to accept that God wants you dead.

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