WTF!: Tiger Shark Goes After Diver's Head Before Being Fought Off By Dive Master

March 26, 2020

This is a short video from a group of Indonesian divers off Beqa Island in Fiji last year who had a harrowing encounter with a tiger shark, which tried to bite one of their heads off like you would a chocolate Easter bunny's. Yikes! Some more details while I never step foot or penis in the ocean again:

"The shark turned to bite the divers and my friend was the unlucky one."

"At that time all the dive masters rushed to push her away, but it was already too late.

"His head was in the shark's mouth and later the dive master managed to kick her away.

"While the shark was leaving, the victim's mask and hoodie were pulled off."

She claimed that the victim lay on the seabed and held his regulator calmly.

She said the victim was sent to a local clinic immediately with an eight centimetre long and 0.5 centimetre deep wound on his head according to medical report.

Damn, all that and only an 8-centimeter by 0.5-centimeter wound? Maybe it didn't actually get the whole head and just got part of the neck, because that's like a paper cut when it comes to shark attacks. I'm just saying, I've seen Jaws. "Have you though, GW?" Hell no, I value taking aromatheraputic bubble baths without fear for my life.

Keep going for three different angles of the attack, which are intense.

Thanks to DT, who agrees it's all fun and games until that ol' blow to the nose doesn't do anything but piss the shark off even more.

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