Would-Be Robber Appears To Run From Own Reflection

March 3, 2020

This is some security camera footage from the Antalya Atış Poligonu shooting range in Turkey of a man breaking in, seeing his reflection in a mirror, and immediately running out. Or at least that's what the video says, I think that mannequin in the corner dressed in full combat gear might have had something to do with it (a clear shot of that I found on the company's website HERE). I mean you're already breaking into a shooting range, I'd be ready to run like Scooby-Doo too. Or, more accurately, I wouldn't be breaking into a shooting range because I'm not a f***ing idiot. "You sure about that, GW?" Only the not breaking in to a shooting range part.

Keep going for the full video while I call the police and let them know their suspect clearly isn't a vampire.

Thanks to Jan, who agrees at least he didn't attack his reflection.

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