World Health Organization's How To Wash Your Hands Video

March 3, 2020


With coronavirus hysteria already at *tapping meter* incredibly high levels (nice one, Illuminati), this is a video released by the World Health Organization (WHO? heck if I know) detailing how to properly wash your hands to reduce your risk of getting sick, or spreading illness to others. As you can see, the most important part of the whole process is actually stopping at the sink and washing your hands instead of just giving yourself a look in the mirror in passing and leave the bathroom with penis and/or butt fingers like the disgusting monster you and I both know you are.

Keep going for the video (as well as one on how to properly apply alcohol-based hand sanitizers) and remember to always wash your hands before returning to work OR play. Just wash your grubby hands, dammit, what's wrong with you?

Thanks to me for the PSA. I really feel like I saved lives today.

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