Whoa: Video Of A Very Speedy Lava Flow in Hawaii

March 3, 2020

This is short video of a very quick moving lava flow near Leilani Estates after an eruption from Kilauea's Fissure 8 on Hawai'i in 2018. I, uh, I didn't know lava flows were ever so speedy. I mean that lava is really booking it. Maybe not as fast as I run away from commitment, but one time at the mall a girlfriend tried to steer me into a Kay Jewelers. "And?" And I hid in JCPenney pretending to be a mannequin until the mall closed.

Keep going for the full video, which is a lot more of the same.

Thanks to Charlotte, who agrees if you see lava, just head in the opposite direction because you never know when it's gonna get legs. Possibly yours.

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