What The Hell Are You Doing?: Cat Creeping Into Bathroom

March 2, 2020

This is a video of a cat in Scott Depot, West Virginia (for location reference, that's about two hours from my hometown) creeping into the bathroom while its owner is on the can. In their own words (the owner's, not the cat's) while I check my pet cams to make sure nobody's up to no good because SOMEBODY has recently taken a liking to pooping in the upstairs hallway. "Is it you, GW?" I'm not even going to dignify that with any more response than the fart I just mustered.

"I videoed my cat squeezing through the bathroom door in a strange manner. He does this all the time and I thought it would be funny to record."

I mean, it is strange, and it is funny. It's also weird watching a video that you know was filmed from the toilet. I suppose at least their weren't any bathroom sounds happening, because one time I uploaded a video of my roommate's ridiculous towel pile on the bathroom floor but all the Youtube comments were like, "There's no way your ass didn't get wet dropping that kid off at the pool!" and "You sunk my battleship!"

Keep going for the full performance, which reminded me of the Daniel Striped Tiger puppet from Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood.

Thanks to hairless, who may in fact be a cat himse-- oh, no -- shaking his head no. Not a cat.

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