Weird Flex But Ok: Volvo Stacks 4 Of Its New Trucks On Top Of Each Other, Drives With Their President Standing On Very Top

March 2, 2020

This is 'The Tower', a short ad by Volvo Trucks starring their four new truck models (the FMX, FH, FH16, and the FM) stacked on top of each other and company president Roger Alm standing on the top of the whole pile like this is a scene from some sort of Swedish Mad Max movie or something. I think they stacked them all up like that to showcase how strong they are? I mean there's no way they're actually suggesting we stack them up and drive them around like this ourselves but I think we can all agree it's too late, the bad idea seed has been planted and we have no choice but to grow this weed.

Keep going for the video (as well as a behind-the-scenes one if this is the meow to your cat) while I wonder why they didn't stack them from smallest to largest to really razzle dazzle us.

Thanks to Landon, who informed me Volvo is actually the largest truck manufacturer behind industry leader Daimler. Valuable info, bro, thank you for that.

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