Using Fluorescent Dye To Demonstrate How Efficient Sea Sponges Are At Circulating Water Through Themselves

March 18, 2020

This is a video of a marine scientist at the Gardens Of The Queen, Cuba demonstrating how efficient sea sponges are at circulating water through themselves by squirting some non-toxic fluorescent dye at the base of one and letting it do its thing. Some more info while I see how efficiently my heart can circulate margaritas through my bloodstream:

"This video shows non-toxic dye being used to show how efficient sponges can circulate water through their bodies. Sponges filter plankton and oxygen out of the water by sucking in the water through the outside and discharging the wastewater out through the chimney-like center of the sponge. Due to the lack of food and oxygen in the water, you rarely find anything inside of sponges. You can see how quickly the dye moves from the outside of the sponge and out through the center exhaust area. This happens very quickly."

That's cool, man. Still, it's a shame in like four years the only sponges left in the oceans will be plastic shower scrunchies. I mean have you seen the way Captain Planet has been drinking lately? "He's given up." I saw him flick a lit cigarette into the woods!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to blue16, who agrees that might have been SpongeBob's girlfriend right there.

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