Sure, Why Not?: Some Mario Kart Hot Wheels Stunts

March 11, 2020

Seen here with suspiciously bloody bed sheet backdrop (I don't remember that level in Mario Kart), this is a worthwhile little video of a variety of stunts set up by Youtubers 5MadMovieMakers for those Mario Kart Hot Wheels cars that recently came out to create some Mario Kart in real life action. Some of the stunts were pretty clever. Some of the stunts were not so clever, but all paled in comparison to me jumping off the roof of my parents' house with a trash bag parachute. "How'd that work out for you, GW?" Oh fine, fine -- drew a large neighborhood crowd. "Then why's your arm broken?" *looks around, leans forward whispering* Got it twisted in a sex swing.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks again to hairless, who, for three tips in one day earns a gold star sticker, despite all three tips coming in the same email and from the same site.

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