Slow Motion Footage Of An F-22 Raptor Jet Performing A Beautiful Backflip

March 17, 2020

This is a video from a recent display by an F-22 Demonstration Team of an F-22 Raptor performing a beautiful backflip. It's so crazy to see it almost looks like a video game rendering. Some more info about the F-22 Raptor while I barnstorm the other poor bastards who came into the office today. "You mean crop dust?" Yes! I meant crop dust.

One of the many tricks up the Raptor's sleeve is super-maneuverability, which is a result of its high thrust-to-weight ratio, massive control surfaces, fly-by-wire flight control system, and it's two-dimensional thrust vectoring capability. These features combined allow the F-22 to perform incredibly throughout its huge envelope--from flying upwards of 60,000 feet in thin air to rocking and rolling and doing incredible backflips down in the far thicker air.

Pretty cool. Of course if you've ever dreamed of making love to the Transformer Starscream, watching this video at fullscreen blaring the original theme from the 1980's cartoon might be the next best thing. Although it might also not be the next best thing, just so we're clear.

Keep going for the whole video with much sweeter resolution and frame rate while I blare 'Danger Zone' and try to leap from empty desk to empty desk without slipping and my face exploding.

Thanks to MD, who agrees the danger zone should be the only zone besides the fun and erogenous zones.

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