Real Estate Sign Seller Kicks, Tosses 18-Pound Watermelon At His Signs To Prove Their Durability

March 9, 2020

This is a vintage video of real estate agent and sign salesman Tim Maitski demonstrating the new-and-improved Power Stake System for yard signage that, at least from what I could tell from his little outburst here, is kick, punch, AND watermelon proof. He also rolls a tire at it and rams it with a push lawnmower. Admittedly, this does seem like fairly high quality yard sign system, and I only wish I had half the enthusiasm for anything that Tim has for verbally and physically abusing yard signs.

Keep going for the video (including some sadistic footage of Tim's sign graveyard) while I beat up my computer chair.

Thanks to Peabody, who agrees he should have actually run over that tiny yard sign with the lawnmower and let the blades do their thing.

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