Poor Jennifer: Woman Takes Laptop Into Bathroom, Starts Peeing During Video Conference Call

March 30, 2020


This is a video of a remote conference call in progress when poor Jennifer walks her laptop into the bathroom and starts peeing before realizing what she's done/that everyone else can see. Everyone's reactions are great. Hey, it happens. I remember I was on a video conference call once with several remote coworkers, including a guy who clearly didn't know his camera was on and was was laying shirtless in his hotel bed. I was horrified/exhilarated at the prospect he might purchase an adult movie during the call and let nature take its course. Taking a trip to the toilet during a video call? I do it all the time. The only difference between Jennifer and I is she seems to care, her mic isn't at full volume, and she doesn't have the cowboy hat filter on.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Aislinn, who agrees sometimes you just need to pee loudly in front of your work group.

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