'Physics Defying' Stop Motion Playing Card Fun

March 26, 2020

This is 'Ignoring physical laws in stop motion', a worth-a-watch video of some playing card dealing and tricks all performed with the magic of stop motion (no computer graphics, not even at the wild ending). So, just so we're being perfectly clear, there weren't actually any physical laws being broken. UNLIKE RIGHT NOW -- HIYO! "Oh nice, the detachable thumb trick." Fun fact: I'm not actually breaking any physical laws either, the trick actually involves an acute understanding and manipulation of small wormholes. "Ooh ooh, let me--" Sorry, no penises.

Keep going for the video while I pick your card.

Thanks to Joseph A, who agrees the greatest card trick of all time is not forgetting important birthdays and actually having a meaningful card to present on the day.

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