Oh Wow; Guy Makes Impressive Diablo Statue With 3-D Printing Pen

March 9, 2020


Note: Subtitles on.

This is a video of humorous Youtuber 3D SANAGO crafting a Diablo statue using a 3-D printing pen. It does have a basic wire armature and electronics for its light effects inside, but is otherwise all extruded plastic. Very impressive. Per 3D SANAGO: "Just work hard for 3 weeks and buy one instead," he jokes. "It's better for your mental health." Which, coincidentally, is equally valuable information if you were considering building your own love doll.

Keep going for the full video, but it is 18 minutes so feel free to skip around.

Thanks to Eric P, who informed me his Diablo statue looks a lot more like a bunch of angrily fist-pounded plastic shards.

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