Oh, Internet: Cats Helping Knock Down Domino Mazes

March 20, 2020

This is 'Cats and Domino', a (surprisingly entertaining, at least for me, but I love pretty kitties and am easily amused) video of two cats helping their owner knock over a series of domino mazes, including one cat who's clearly been trained to ring a bell. And, I think I speak for every roommate I've ever had when I say that is thankfully not a skill my cats were ever taught. Could you imagine all that bell ringing in the middle of the night? And you think that 'Tell-Tale Heart' guy went crazy -- I'd be a raving lunatic. *blaring techno, swinging glow sticks, dancing like my nuts are on fire (which they are)* But mostly just raving.

Keep going for the video while I dig my pleather pants (which partially melted when i wore them too close to a bonfire) out of the back of my closet and really get this social distancing dance party started.

Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees those are some super chill cats.

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