Officially Licensed Dungeons & Dragons Giant D20 Lamp

March 17, 2020


This is the officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons D20 lamp available from Firebox ($37, possibly other places for cheaper -- do your research or be like me and just click 'Add to basket' like the lazy, no-good bastard I am). It looks like a giant sized D20, is USB powered, and slowly cycles through the color spectrum (wait -- you can't leave it on one color?!). It's also made of degradable (stupid! you look like the hole in a butt, jerk!) BDP plastic that will break down outside. Plus in the product description it mentions that for a pivotal campaign moment you could even unplug the lamp and roll it like a D20 for MAX DRAMATIC EFFECT. Just don't expect to ever be invited over to my game night again. "But--" No. You knocked everyone's drinks off the table and scared my dogs so bad they shit on the floor. "Those turds were already dry." *balling up fist* You watch it!

Keep going for a few more shots.




Thanks to hairless, who agrees the best lamps are fires.

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