Note: Family Vacation This Week

March 9, 2020


Note: Mrs. Howell all day, every day.

So I'm on a Caribbean cruise all week with my family and 3,100 octogenarians, many with mobility issues, and most of whom I'm surprised even survived the shuttle bus ride from the airport to the ship. I'm going to write what I can in the mornings and schedule the posts throughout the day before we disembark at whatever tropical, fun-filled island we've arrived at, but some days will be shorter than others depending on how much time I have. We will return to our regularly scheduled program next week, while I undoubtedly recover from a sunburn, and presumably much, much worse *coughs, blows kiss through medical mask*

Vacation Mode For A Couple More Days

In case you didn't suspect something from the lighter than normal posting last week (I know you worry about me), I'm on vacation for the first time...
June 11, 2018
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