NASA Releases 1.8-Billion Pixel Panorama From Mars Surface

March 5, 2020

Above: Interactive.

NASA has just released an approximately 88,797 x 22,958 (with some incomplete rows on the top and bottom) pannable, zoomable 1.8-billion pixel panoramic view from the surface of Mars, a composite image constructed from over 1,000 photos taken by the Mars Rover Curiosity's Mast Camera (MastCam, not what I thought one was either) between November, 24th and December 1st, 2019. Such zoomability! Obviously, if you can't find any aliens in this photo you really suck at convincing yourself any unusual looking rock is an alien.

Keep going for a video about the image, and a 360-degree pannable video version of the composite if the embed above isn't your thing.

Thanks to my dad, who I'll be seeing tomorrow because we're going on a family vacation! WEEWOOWEEWOO!

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