Microscopic Footage Of Water Before And After Being Filtered Through A LifeStraw

March 4, 2020


Deliciousness, that's what.

This is some microscopic footage captured by Youtuber Sci- Inspi of some icky water before and after being filtered by one of those 'drink pond scum' LifeStraws. Why he made his own pond water instead of actually collecting some is beyond me, but there must not be any nature where Sci-Inspi lives. Concrete jungles aside, the filtering results may surprise you if you thought these LifeStraws were just a gimmick. A product that actually works -- I'm as surprised as you are. Now, are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Does it involve making a nominal bet for you to drink toilet water?" I'll get my krazy straw! "LifeStraw." I don't have one of those.

Keep going for the video, which ends with trying to grow the microbes before and after the filtering in petri dishes.

Thanks to Porterhouse, who agrees drinking unfiltered pond water is what separates the boys from the men with worms.

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