Let's Start Growing: 'Lemon Caviar' That Sells For $150/Pound

March 30, 2020

This is a short insightful video about finger limes that produce 'lemon caviar' and can sell for as much as $150/pound. For reference, I'm worth about 10¢/pound, or $24 for the whole disgusting me. Apparently the lime is so valuable due to few people propagating it, its difficulty in growing, low yields, and high demand by top chefs. Obviously, you and I need to open a finger lime farm pronto. We'll be rich! "We'll be poor just like that time you convinced me to invest in your bootleg Sour Patch Kid factory and you ate all the product." I told you, my blood sugar plummeted and I panicked. Wilford Brimley called me directly to make sure I was okay.

Keep going for the video while i Google 'magic finger lime seeds.'

Thanks to The Peach Guy, who's apparently made his fruit choice and is sticking with it.

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