Italian Priest Performs Live-Stream Mass Due To Coronavirus, Accidentally Leaves Video Filters On

March 27, 2020

This is a video of a priest in Italy live-streaming mass due to the coronavirus after accidentally activating the auto-changing video filters. He even briefly looks like Don Novello's Father Guido Sarducci made famous on SNL. Obviously, a fair amount of you will be convinced it's fake because you're too jaded to believe there's any magic left in this world. To which I say *blowing dust in face* I disagree. "What was that?!" No clue, but it made the guy I saw snorting it in his car get naked and run into traffic, so I'm guessing you're about to believe.

Keep going for the full video, but you aren't missing much with just the gif.

Thanks to Joseph A, who agrees now they need to make a video filter good enough to make me not skip through my Instagram stories feed as fast as possible.

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