It Was Only A Matter Of Time: A Baby Yoda Waffle Maker

March 4, 2020


Because a hundred fifteen years from now aliens will have to wade through a sea of novelty waffle makers while exploring the lifeless husk that was once Earth, this is the 'Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Waffle Maker' made by Uncanny Brands and available for pre-order ($40 ,shipping in September) exclusively at GameStop. Will the image it burns into your waffle look as good as the one of the photo? Probably not. Is that even a waffle? Because I'm pretty sure that's a pancake. *pointing angry* You couldn't hold a half bottle of Aunt Jemima if your life depended on it! "Jesus, GW -- a half bottle?" *smiles, tooth falls out*

Thanks to Randi, who agrees that would make a nice find at a yard sale for two bucks.

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