Highly Questionable: This Modular Bed/Gaming Desk System

March 3, 2020


This is the ~$1,050 modular Gaming Bed system available from Japanese retailer Bauhutte. It includes six different pieces of furniture that, when combined, form Voltron whatever the hell this disaster is. Product description that makes getting up and moving from your bed to a desk sound like an epic quest:

I wake up and move from my bed to my desk. Why is that so complicated? Gaming beds solve this problem. Elevated headboard that adds functional storage to the bedside and Bed desk that can be set at the foot of a single bed. As soon as you get up, you can watch a game or animation and realize a life cycle of falling asleep without difficulty. [Additional effect: space merit] By integrating a large furniture two-top, bed and desk, the room can be used widely.

I like how there's an entire shelving unit for energy drinks. And cup holders for said drinks and instant ramen bowls. But where's the microwave? And where's the bedpan? I mean energy drinks don't just evaporate through my exposed belly, you know (I've tried). Pfft, and when I saw that blue tube of lotion I really thought they might have considered everything.

keep going for some more shots including a version with less side storage.




Thanks to Adrian, who agrees it's usually best for your furniture to live separate lives.

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