Helicopter Rotor Appears To Not Spin Due To RPM Synced With Camera's Framerate

March 27, 2020

Note: The visual is cool, the audio not so much. Do with that info what you will.

This is a short video of a helicopter coming in for a landing with its rotor's rotation speed synced with the filming camera's framerate, making it appear to not be rotating at all. Or, who knows, maybe the helicopter is just broken. Do I look like some sort of helicopter mechanci to you? Or maybe -- just maybe, helicopters are actually powered by magic like I always suspected but was afraid to ask for fear of getting bumped off by the government. You have to admit how they're able to fly doesn't actually make much sense unless you're some sort of nerd.

Keep going for the full video while I demand anybody in the office who claims to understand how helicopters fly to explain it to me like you would a third grader.

Thanks to AP, who agrees magic is everywhere.

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