Finally, Toilet Paper Printed With Unicorns And Rainbows

March 11, 2020


Now that it's obvious the coronavirus was created in a lab by the makers of Charmin and Angel Soft, this is the Unicorn and Rainbow Toilet Paper created by GetDigital. You can buy a 200-sheet 3-ply roll on Amazon for $10, which will probably soon be $20 when all the other toilet paper has already been hoarded by COVID-19ers. Obviously, if you do buy a roll that unicorn is going to be looking a lot less cheerful when you're done with it, and probably wishing Voldemort had gotten to it first.

Keep going for a couple more shots while I wonder if this is what rich kids TP people's houses with.




Thanks to Jessica C, who agrees if you think hoarding toilet paper is gonna help you in any way shape or form during the coronavirus outbreak, it's already too late.

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