Finally: Skittles Giants, Skittles That Are 3X The Size Of Regular Skittles

March 5, 2020


Because I wanna taste the rainbow and I wanna taste it now and in extra large form, Skittles is releasing Skittles Giants (currently only in the UK). Skittle Giants are three times the size of regular Skittles and advertise softer insides, although I'm not sure if the insides are actually softer, or if they just seem softer because the hard shell to soft inside ratio has changed. I think about these things, you know? And speaking of Skittles -- I found a purple one on my desk this morning and ate it! "That was a bug." That was a bug. I just felt like if I changed the narrative maybe I wouldn't still be able to taste it.

Thanks to Tank, who agrees all candy should be available in 3X size.

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