Corgi Vs Claptrap On Borderlands 3 Loading Screen

March 31, 2020

This is a short video of corgi Winston trying to figure out what Claptrap is and just where the hell does he think he's going during the initial Borderlands 3 game loading screen. So...does anybody else wish they could have modded Claptrap into a pleasurebot like Fisto in Fallout: New Vegas? *hiding redhead wig behind back* I'm sure some weirdo does. In related Borderlands news: I finally got the platinum for the main game yesterday (screencapped PSNprofiles proof HERE) after convincing a group of strangers online to help me with the shooting range trophy because I aim and shoot the same way I eat: like a maniac. "There's egg on your face." Well it's not something I'm embarrassed about, it's just part of who I am. "I meant literally, and in your hair." Mooooooom!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Pam J, who agrees that Corgi and claptrap would probably get along just fine in real life.

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