Coooool: NASA Recreates The Apollo 13 Astronauts' View Approaching The Moon In 4K

March 4, 2020

Above: Not 4K

This is a video released by NASA featuring views of the moon as seen by the Apollo 13 astronauts after flying around the dark side of the moon in 1970, in stunning 4K resolution thanks to data captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Man, it's hard to believe that even to this day the government spends so much time and effort perpetuating the whole moon lie. "That we sent humans there?" That it exists at all! "But you can see it with your own eyes." I don't trust these things man, one time I swore I saw a fat merman.
"And?" Just a dead, bloated body. Came back with a buddy and poked it with a fishing pole and it exploded.

Keep going for the king-size eye candies.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees space is crazy to think about, but it's hard to think about because it is so crazy.

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