Cat Owner Makes Fake Human Lap For Their Clingy Cat

March 4, 2020


This is a shot of the fake human lap (complete with pet heating pad) made by Redditor bubobaby and her husband for their clingy cat so they can get some work done at home without constant inference. In her own words while I daydream I'm curled up in your lap right now. "How is it?" Do you have a boner?!

We have two sisters but this one is very clingy with us. We generally can give them a lot of attention but sometimes we have long conference calls which we could do with her being occupied. ...When I have a 1h conference call it gets difficult because she gets quite vocal, starts trying to climb on my desk, batting at my headset wire, etc - almost as if she's telling us off for making noise.

A duvet cover, plus a heated mat in one of the legs... We tried just the trousers with the heat mat inside but she wasn't sold!

Hoho -- just the pants and heat pad weren't enough. Why am I not surprised? But at least your cats pay attention to you. Mine just pretend I'm invisible, presumably because they feel servants aren't meant to be seen.

Thanks to Joselyn, who agrees cats are totally nuts, and that's a fact.

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