BBC Sports Broadcaster Provides Fantastic Play-By-Play Of His Dogs' Dinner Eating Competition

March 27, 2020


Because there are no sports left to commentate, this is a video of BBC sportscaster Andrew Cotter proving he can make anything even remotely resembling a competition sound as exciting as if you've got next month's rent riding on the outcome by providing a play-by-play of his two labradors Olive and Mabel eating their dinner. That was some quality work. And not just by the lady who tells him to "Get on with it" right at the beginning of the video, but also by Olive and Mabel. Oh, right, and Andrew. But mostly the sassy lady at the beginning.

Keep going for the feel-good video and "tasting absolutely nothing."

Thanks to Allyson S, who knows what I like, and I like dogs and sassy ladies and my life is proof.

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