Awww: Penguins Get To Tour Their Aquarium Facility Currently Closed Due To Coronavirus

March 17, 2020

These are a handful of videos of penguins getting to explore the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago while it's closed due to the coronavirus. Honestly, this might very well be the best thing that's going to come out of this whole coronavirus pandemic. "And not people consciously improving their personal hygiene habits?" Ahahhahahahaha. Wait -- you were being serious? You think that's going to last. You know you really break my heart sometimes.

Keep going for the videos, the first of Wellington the rockhopper penguin showing some interest in the fish in a large Amazon rainforest exhibit, the rest of bonded pair of rockhoppers Edward and Annie exploring various areas of the aquarium.

Thanks to Shelley, who agrees it's probably best to let the penguins tour the aquarium instead of breaking the glass of a tank and trying to let the fish.

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