Awesome Matchbox Rally Car Racing Complete With Scale Scenery And Announcers

March 10, 2020

This is the 'Diecast Rally Car Racing Championship', some surprisingly high production value and fun to watch 1:64 scale Tomica/Hot Wheels/Matchbox rally car racing action (they're actually timing them) courtesy of Youtuber 3DBotMaker. Plus if you're really into this you're in luck, because this is just round one of four for the first event, and I included the next three rounds for this event as well! This must be like their hobby or something. My hobby? Still haven't found it yet. "You should consider volcano diving." Oh I have. "Or shark fishing using yourself as bait." Also on my short list.

Keep going for almost forty minutes of racing excitement.

Thanks to Morty, who agrees now we just need a shrink ray.

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