Artist Imagines Anatomically Correct Skulls For Cartoon Characters As Museum Display Pieces

March 5, 2020


This is a small series of 3D illustrations created by Prague based artist hoodass (aka Filip Hodas) imagining the anatomically correct skulls of cartoon characters as museum display pieces. Who's your favorite? I never realized Popeye's skeletal chin would look so much like a pair of balls. That was a real eye-opener. *shrug* I suppose you learn something new every day. Nothing important mind you, at least not since 'adulthood is a total sham'.

Keep going for five more while I write Peter Pan to ask if it's too late to join the Lost Boys even though not-so-deep-down I already know the answer.






Thanks to DT, who agrees it's weird we all have skulls in our heads in addition to all the microchips the government planted.

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